Create a Signature You Love

Create a Signature You LovePractice Guide and Workbook


Create a Signature You LovePractice Guide and Workbook

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Equal parts penmanship instruction and art-therapy, Create a Signature You Love is a fun and easy program that will retrain your hand to write in smooth, precise strokes and rewire your brain to enjoy and succeed in creative projects.

The Hardcover Bundle includes:

  • 85 pages of step-by-step guidance, illustrations, and signature samples; you’ll always know exactly what to do next and you’ll never waste time practicing without improving
  • over 50 model alphabets for design inspiration and tracing exercises that will teach you to ingrain correct movements
  • 25 premium transparent vellum workbook pages that allow you to instantly set up guidelines to help you change the slant of your handwriting
  • 25 additional custom-ruled workbook pages that support your progress through the exercises
  • a hardcover binder that allows you to remove and replace worksheets so that you can practice on a flat surface, trace over model alphabets, and keep track of your progress. 

This book is for you if:

  • you learned cursive in third grade and then never used it again (or you never learned it at all) and – as a result – you have a messy, illegible, or childlike signature
  • you believe you aren’t creative or weren’t born with artistic talent
  • you are hard on yourself when you try something new
  • you are a parent who wants to teach your child to sign his or her name and to have a healthy approach to learning
  • you are a penmanship enthusiast who wants help creating a signature as beautiful as any calligraphy sample, but that is modern, unique, and quick to write
  • you are a non-native English writer and want to create a beautiful signature with the English alphabet

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